Check out some of my client testimonials below!

I have tried everything to lose weight and get in shape and nothing has ever worked for me. Ive been training with Jill for ten weeks and not only have I come down 22lbs but I feel fantastic and have so much more energy.
I would highly recommend Jill as a personal trainer to anyone. She is a fantastic trainer and has guided me on how to lose weight but in a healthy way. I look forward to every session and have much more confidence in my fitness now thanks to Jill �

Jen Mulligan

I have been training with Jill now for a year and absolutely loving it. Took a break from the sessions last summer with holidays etc and only realised how poor my workouts were without her direction.
Have always gone to the gym but have only seen real results since I started with Jill, not worrying about weight and focusing on physique and getting stronger. Look forward to the sessions every time and gives me experience and confidence to also do my own sessions.
Couldn’t recommend enough.

Louise Monaghan

Fantastic trainer and incredibly dedicated. Never would have got the results I have without her. Would recommend her to anybody. She'll make sure you work hard and reach your goals.

Richie Ryan